About Us

our story
SOMETHING NEON was founded in Montreal in 2018, brought to life by husband and wife: Daniel Selcer and Laura Iny. They created a uniquely curated selection of original pieces to shop from with the option to go through the DIY process of making custom LED neon signs.

Daniel’s electrical background and Laura’s love and fascination for the wedding scene (stemming from planning every detail of their fairytale wedding) melded together perfectly for SOMETHING NEON to be born!

SOMETHING NEON first began when Laura was pregnant and designing their future baby's room. She wanted something chic and original to showcase their baby boy's name instead of the typical, widely available baby artwork. Brainstorming with Daniel and some of his new LED products, they both thought how cute it would be to have a neon "look-alike" light hanging above their son’s crib that would act as a night light and also a piece of art!

And so SOMETHING NEON was born!