Frequently asked questions

Traditional neon is made out of a glass tube which is very fragile, whereas LED neon is made out of flexible LED lights encased in a PCV jacket. While both types of neon glow, LED neon is durable, safe, energy efficient and cost effective.
We can make it! At SOMETHING NEON, anything is possible and we can make practically any custom sign! Send us an email through our contact form and we will get in touch with you shortly to work everything out.
We can do that too! Use our contact form to tell us a bit more about what you need for your event and we’ll create the perfect LED neon sign!
All our LED neon signs come mounted on a clear acrylic display with a 12V power adapter and dimmer. There is a 6ft clear cord that attaches into a black power adapter giving you approximately 10 ft of cord to hang your piece just about anywhere with enough room! There are small pieces of mounting hardware included that subtly go in each corner of your piece in order to be hung- but don’t worry, they’re practically invisible to the naked eye and will go unnoticed!
Once you receive your LED neon sign, we promise you’ll fall in love with it! You won’t want to turn it off much, but if you choose to-every piece comes with a switch that allows you to turn it on and off, as well as a little knob to dim the brightness up and down.
All of our LED neon signs are covered by our 2-year warranty. So there’s really nothing to worry about!
One more reason why we love LED neon! The answer is NO! Because of its durability and its plastic bubble wrapping, there won't be any damage during shipping. So there’s nothing to worry about!
All of our pieces are custom and made to order, so there is an approximate wait of 2-3 weeks until you will receive your sign.
If you’re in a rush and need your sign sooner - contact us and for an additional fee we can expedite your order!